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SMOC Recruitment

nuxttypescriptsasstailwindnodejsCompany Project
A Recruitment Website for SMOC. As a part of my internship. SMOC (System Management Operation Center) is a company that provides IT services for the government. Owned by PT. Jaya Wira Manggala (JWM).

Kyuiki - Personal Website

nuxttypescriptsasstailwindnodejsPersonal Project
A Personal Website used for portfolio

IRA-Chatting - Simple Chatting Website

htmljavascripttypescriptcssnodejsFun/Silly Project → Apache License 2.0
A basic websocket based chat website using Using Express.js as backend, pretty much vanilla at this point

Count Area

htmljavascriptcssFun/Silly Project → Unlicensed
A Silly Project. Trying to do math stuff out of this - Personal Website

vuevitesasstypescriptPersonal Project
First Design of my personal website

DisScrappy - Discord Scrapper FrontEnd

vuejavascriptcsshtmlFun/Silly Project → MIT License
A front-end of my discord scrapper. View every attachment in every discord channels (By that, its mean, the servers that this bot join! You can suggest me a good nsfw server so i can add it to here xD (By Partner Up With the Owner))

AutoModeration Discord Bot

typescriptnodejsPersonal Project → MIT License
A bot that heavily focused on moderation. With simple yet powerful anti-profanity feature "Hardcoded" inside (Not a public bot!). Anti-Profanity uses old-school Regexp. Currently has Indonesian and English profanity regex dictionary inside

DisScrappy - Discord Scrapper BackEnd

javascriptnodejsFun/Silly Project
This project use older discord.js for selfbotting, I don't recommend you to use this, its used for scrapping messages or attachments only

QkyBot Discord Bot

typescriptjavascriptnodejsFun/Silly Project → Apache License 2.0
The first bot project I made for learning and stuffs. I don't recommend you to use this, the code is unreadable basically...
Look! I get it! It's server side rendered, but You have to turn your fricking JavaScript on! (> ~ <) / projects

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